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Review Top 11 Golf Shoes for Women in 2022

Golf Shoes – Compare Brands and Models

Photo Brand Model Upper Material Sole Material Colors Features Mark

DAWGS Golf Spirit Walking Shoe Thumb

DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoe Synthetic / Synthetic sole Rubber 12 colors
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Non-marking
  • Can be worn with or without socks
  • Odor resistant

ECCO Women’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe Thumb

ECCO Women’s Biom G2 Golf Shoe Leather and Synthetic Synthetic sole 4 colors
  • Weather resistance
  • Breathable
  • Leather uppers are treated with hydromax
  • Anatomical shape
  • Technical insole system

Skechers Performance Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe Thumb
Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe Textile / Synthetic Rubber 3 colors
  • Midsole cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Softspikes

Callaway Solaire Golf Shoe Thumb
Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoe Manmade Rubber 4 colors
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Breathable

Ashworth Leather and Mesh Golf Shoe Thumb
Ashworth Women’s Leather and Mesh Golf Shoes Leather / Mesh EVA 4 colors
  • PU midsole
  • 3D cushioning support

FootJoy LoPro Closeout Golf Shoe Thumb
FootJoy Women’s LoPro Closeout Golf Shoes Leather Rubber 1 color
  • Cushioned Insoles
  • Waterproof

Golfstream Marina Golf Shoe Thumb
Golfstream Women’s Marina Golf Shoe Leather Rubber sole 1 color
  • Water Resistant
  • Water Absorbent Linings

adidas W Adicross IV Golf Shoe Thumb
adidas Women’s W Adicross IV Golf Shoe Leather and Synthetic Rubber 6 colors
  • Water resistant

Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoe Thumb
Nike Golf Women’s Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoe Textile Rubber 4 colors
  • 0.75″ Platform

FootJoy Women’s emPower Golf Shoe Thumb
FootJoy Women’s emPower Golf Shoes, Close-out Synthetic / Mesh 7 colors
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Soft underfoot foam

Crocs Womens 15372 Drayden Golf Shoe Thumb
Crocs Womens Women’s 15372 Drayden Golf Shoe Leather Synthetic sole 2 colors
  • Innovative multi-cleat spikeless design
  • Lasted construction

Golf is a game is enjoyed by everyone. People love it because it can be so relaxing. That’s why shoes for this game must be special. It’s necessary equipment for playing. In our article, we want to tell you about the best golf shoes for women.

DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoes

DAWGS Golf Spirit Walking Shoe Review

The DAWGS women’s golf shoes are one of a kind as they are made up of rubber and are very comfortable. They are available in different attractive colors and are extremely lightweight. They weigh less than 7 ounces, which makes them the most lightweight golf shoes of all time. The shoes are designed to provide comfort to golfers, and they don’t sacrifice comfort for lightweight. This model is made up of supreme quality EVA that protects the wearer’s heel and front foot and absorbs shock. The DAWGS women’s golf shoe has 9 spikes fixed on the outsoles made of EVA. These spikes provide traction on the golf course. The shoes also have a Velcro strap that is very adjustable and can fit your foot no matter how broad or narrow it is. The fit is snug and supportive and makes it easier for the golfers to wear these shoes for a long time.

  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant

  • Don’t provide a good traction
  • Don’t have replaceable cleats or spikes

ECCO Women’s Biom G2 Golf Shoes

ECCO Biom G2 Golf Shoe Review

The ECCO golf shoes have always been famous among women because of their durability and creativity. ECCO is one of the world’s leading sports footwear brands, and the company designed the first golf shoe in 1996. Since then, the company has come up with fabulous and super comfortable golf shoes for everyone. The BIOM G2 is designed for women golfers to give them traction and comfort during the game. It has an anti-stain formula that protects it from the rigors of daily use, and the Hydromax technology protects the shoe from weather changes. It has a thin midsole that provides you complete control over various actions used in golf. The upper is made up of a soft and lightweight yet sturdy yak leather material. These shoes are very lightweight and provide amazing support to the golfer’s feet.

  • Well-built
  • Good traction
  • Very durable

  • Limited color options

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoes

Skechers Performance Go Golf Backswing Golf Shoe Review

The Skechers Performance Women’s Go Golf Backswing golf shoes are very advanced and comfortable. This footwear has a spiked sole, and the design is a classical one with the waterproof leather material. The sneakers include a V-Stride technology that complements the walking style and improves the fluid stride transitions. They are very comfortable, durable, and lightweight. The weightless micro fiber exterior makes the shoe extremely breathable.
There is an innovative Quick-Fit portal on the heel and an integrated OrthoLite anti-microbial sock liner that keeps the feet dry and fresh. The GOimpulse outsole sensors are included to make the playing experience unique and delightful. The Resalyte midsole is very lightweight and helps absorb impact, while the cleat traction panels present on the outsole provide incredible control and grip to the wearer.

  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Excellent grip

  • The cleats wear off easily

Callaway Women’s Solaire Golf Shoes

Callaway Solaire Golf Shoe Review

The Callaway footwear for women golfers is unique in design. The Callaway Women’s Solaire golf shoe is almost like a regular shoe and has tiny spikes. The sneakers are made up of textile material, and the upper is mostly covered with mesh material to allow ventilation. They are available in three different colors and look very stylish and attractive. These shoes have a rubber sole which adds to the comfort and stability of the wearer, and the engineered traction spike provides grip to the golfer during the play. The snappy laces complement the overall design of the shoes.

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable

  • The grip is not as strong

Ashworth Women’s Leather and Mesh Golf Shoes

Ashworth Leather and Mesh Golf Shoe Review

The Ashworth Ladies Cardiff ADC Golf Shoes have an amazing and durable design. They are energetic, comfortable, and robust and fit well on the feet. The exterior is made up of premium leather that goes well with the stitched details and gives an artistic feel to the shoe. The sock liner is soft and made up of PU that improves support and cushioning. The midsole is made up of poured PU and provides comfort to the feet during the play. The term ADC stands for ‘All Day Comfort’, and the shoes are designed to provide comfort during long hours of golf. These sneakers are ideal for women golfers who love playing for long hours and don’t want to compromise on versatility and comfort.

  • Supreme comfort throughout the day
  • You can wear them on flat surfaces as well as terrains

  • Difficult to clean
  • Isn’t good for hot summer

FootJoy Women’s LoPro Closeout Golf Shoes

FootJoy LoPro Closeout Golf Shoe Review

The FootJoy Women’s LoPro Closeout Golf Shoes are a perfect illustration of performance and stability. The upper is made up of durable leather which is very soft, durable, and waterproof. The footbed is made up of PU Fit-Bed and covered with Dri-Lex that provides comfort and stability during the play. It has a DuraMax rubber outsole and Pulsar cleats by Soft Spikes. The product comes with a one-year warranty of waterproofing. If you have a narrow fit, this footwear will fit comfortably and won’t bother you during long hours of gameplay.

  • Have a stylish and classy look
  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable

  • They aren’t sturdy and durable

Golfstream Women’s Marina Golf Shoes

Golfstream Marina Golf Shoe Review

The Golfstream Women’s Marina golf shoes have a spikeless design. These shoes have molded outsoles that are ideal for wearing during a golf game. They have amazing arch support and absorbent linings that absorb all the moisture and sweat of the foot to make them feel fresh and dry. The leather laces provide a good fit and add to the style and design of the shoe. The upper is made up of soft leather, but it is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of daily use.

  • Water-resistant

  • Not suitable for hobbyists and those who are looking for a casual pair of shoes

adidas Women’s W Adicross IV Golf Shoes

adidas W Adicross IV Golf Shoe Review

Adidas is one of the most renowned brands for manufacturing comfortable and durable sports products. These sneakers have a cushioned collar and tongue for extreme comfort and stability during the play. It has a mesh lining that is very breathable and allows the feet to remain fresh during long hours of wearing. They have a spikeless outsole, and the heel is made up of soft fabric that improves the stability and grip of the shoe. The exterior is made up of supreme quality leather and synthetic material and has a water-resistant design.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Provide stability
  • Suitable for rainy seasons

  • Narrow
  • Don’t correct any fail swing path

Nike Golf Women’s Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoes

Nike Golf Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoe Review

The Nike Lunar Duet shoes are sleek and stylish. This model is different from the classic golf shoes as they are unique and snappy and you can wear them for different occasions such as golfing, camping, hiking, and other casual events. The leather uppers are water resistant only and not waterproof. The Lunarlon technology cushions the feet with a soft gel-like spring that is present in the midsole. The Nike Lunar Duet shoes have an ergonomic design that mimics natural movements and flexibility of the feet, especially the golf-specific actions such as lug patterns for penetrating traction, walking comfort, and lateral support.

  • Have an ergonomic design
  • Comfortable

  • Not waterproof
  • Mid-foot is not comfortable
  • Don’t provide good support

FootJoy Women’s emPower Golf Shoes, Close-out

FootJoy emPOWER BOA Closeout Golf Shoe Review

The FootJoy Women’s EmPower shoes are designed primarily for women golfers. The sneakers are breathable and lightweight, and you can use them for long hours. The EmPower series of FootJoy are introduced specifically for athletic women who need footwear to improve their performance and enjoy their sports activities. The upper of these shoes is made up of a mesh material that is very breathable and keeps the feet cool during rigors of a hot summer day. There is an Every-Step soft underfoot foam that provides comfort and cushioning throughout the day. The Power Last technology offers a good feel to the toe and provides a snug fit across the front foot, and the MaxGrip Traction EmPower outsole pods provide the ultimate traction and grip on the surfaces.

  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Engineered especially for women
  • Breathable

  • Fit is not up to the mark
  • The heel is narrow

Crocs Womens Women’s 15372 Drayden Golf Shoes

Crocs Womens Women's Drayden Golf Shoe Review

The Crocs Women’s 15372 Drayden Golf Shoe has a secure fit and a low-cut design. The shoe provides lateral support, and the Innovative multi-cleat spikeless structure improves the overall grip of the shoes. It is very lightweight and ideal for women golfers. This model has been engineered primarily for playing golf and have an improved fit and shape that mimics the natural shape of a woman’s foot. There is an outrigger tab that reduces the forefoot movement and provides stability to the legs.

  • Water-resistant

  • Design isn’t suitable for hobbyists and those who are looking for a casual pair of shoes

Our Winners

As you can see on the chart above we have two absolute leaders are ECCO Women’s Biom G2 Golf Shoes and DAWGS Women’s Golf Spirit Walking Shoes. They have the waterproof material and at the same time good perforation for hot weather. The sole is an important part of golf shoes. These models have the excellent sole for the game. You will feel support and comfort, wearing these sneakers. But other kinds of shoes also will be a good choice. We’ve presented the best footwear for playing golf. And only you can make a right choice.

How to choose the right golf shoes?

Choosing the right pair of women’s golf shoes is an important aspect through which the sports game will be effective and comfortable. Bad uncomfortable shoes only distract the participant of the game, so in that case, there can be no question of an effective game of golf. You need to make sure that you do not even think about your shoes on the field.

For the purchase of quality athletic shoes, it is important to take into account that it is snug against the leg, do not squeeze your fingers, and you feel comfortable at the same time. Do not cling to the appearance of models or just buy the first pair that you find. With a careful choice, you do not have to buy a new pair soon. If you feel that a pair of shoes that you try on are pretty hard, and in it, you most likely rub your calluses, do not buy these shoes.

Golf shoes should provide comfort to your feet even at the first fitting. Otherwise, later you will experience certain problems. Assess the attachment of various models. Look at the sole. For golf, it is very important to ensure good adhesion to the ground with the help of a foot, and also to avoid slipping on the grass. Special golf shoes are made taking into account all the specifics. In the past, classic golf shoes were equipped with very thin metal studs on the sole. This was to ensure a stable stand when swinging before hitting the ball.

Nevertheless, many modern manufacturers of golf shoes are now pursuing a policy against metal in the sole. Nowadays, models with softer short spikes of rubber are popular. Golf players around the world today prefer these new kinds of shoes. In contrast to studded shoes, there is an alternative in the form of tennis shoes. The sole here has a certain shape and a relief so that slipping is prevented. Many women do not accept shoes with spikes because of its external, not feminine appearance. However, it’s worth remembering that golf is also a sport. And for the athlete, the main thing is not the appearance, but comfort. Therefore, do not choose a pair of golf shoes, based on aesthetic criteria. Check only your sensations in the legs before buying. Only in this way you can ensure an effective game.

Why is it not recommended to save on golf shoes?

Having bought cheap golf shoes, you will not only feel pain in your feet but you can get injured. Quality footwear has good protectors and excellent stability. Without these elements, you can easily slip in the heat of the game, and get an anguish or stretching of the muscles. In addition, good quality golf shoes are very comfortable, and you can find a pair that will fit you just like your second skin. Comfort and quality of shoes are much higher than the benefit that you can get by buying cheap golf shoes. Good shoes will improve the quality of your golf game. It will help you to drive the ball further and beat more accurately because good quality shoes are specially created for golfers. Cheap shoes are made from low-quality materials and cannot be as comfortable and stable as high-quality shoes.

Why is ECCO brand one of the favorites among golfers?

Everyone who is seriously fond of golf, agree that proper footwear determines the general tone, reduces fatigue, improves the pleasure of playing and improves athletic performance. Qualitative special equipment is a sign of professionalism, and footwear plays a leading role in this. Women’s golf shoes ECCO – not just a spectacular accessory. Over its creation, designers, engineers, doctors and experienced athletes worked. All the peculiarities of the ankle work during the golf were taken into account. As a result, special golf shoes have been created, which creates comfortable conditions for practicing your favorite game.

Natural leather, processed by patented ECCO technology, maintains optimal air, temperature and humidity conditions inside the shoes. The special bevel on the sole and other design features ensure the correct, stable position of the legs when swinging and striking. An important feature of special golf shoes is that it not only creates ideal conditions for sports but also protects the playing field from damage.

Golf Shoe Size Charts

Skechers Women’s Size Chart
5 35
5.5 35.5
6 3 36
6.5 3.5 36.5
7 4 37
7.5 4.5 37.5
8 5 38
8.5 5.5 38.5
9 6 39
9.5 6.5 39.5
10 7 40
10.5 7.5 40.5
11 8 41
12 9 42
13 10 43
Ashworth Women’s Shoe Size Chart
Mens Womens M & W M & W M & W
1 2 32 195
1.5 2.5 1 33 200
2 3 1.5 33 200
2.5 3.5 2 34 205
3 4 2.5 35 210
3.5 4.5 3 35 215
4 5 3.5 36 220
4.5 5.5 4 36 225
5 6 4.5 37 230
5.5 6.5 5 38 235
6 7 5.5 38 235
6.5 7.5 7.5 39 240
7 8 6.5 40 245
7.5 8.5 7 40 250
8 9 7.5 41 255
8.5 9.5 8 42 260
9 10 8.5 42 265
9.5 10.5 9 43 270
10 11 9.5 44 275
10.5 11.5 10 44 280
11 12 10.5 45 285
11.5 12.5 11 46 290
12 13 11.5 46 295
12.5 13.5 12 47 300
13 14 12.5 47 305
13.5 14.5 13 48 310
14 15 13.5 48 315
14.5 14 49 320
15 14.5 49 325
adidas Shoe Size Chart
4 5 3.5 36 220
4.5 5.5 4 36.7 225
5 6 4.5 37.3 230
5.5 6.5 5 38 235
6 7 5.5 38.7 240
6.5 7.5 6 39.3 245
7 8 6.5 40 250
7.5 8.5 7 40.7 255
8 9 7.5 41.3 260
8.5 9.5 8 42 265
9 10 8.5 42.7 270
9.5 10.5 9 43.3 275
10 11 9.5 44 280
10.5 11.5 10 44.7 285
11 12 10.5 45.3 290
11.5 12.5 11 46 295
12 13 11.5 46.7 300
12.5 12 47.3 305
13 12.5 48 310
13.5 13 48.7 315
14 13.5 49.3 320
14.5 14 50 325
FootJoy Women’s Shoe Size Chart
3 1 33 20.5 205 20.5
4 2 34 21 210 21.0
4.5 2.5 34.5 21.5 215 21.5
5 3 35 22 220 22.0
5.5 3.5 36 22.5 225 22.5
6 4 36.5 23 230 23.0
6.5 4.5 37 23.5 235 23.5
7 5 38 24 240 24.0
7.5 5.5 38.5 24.5 245 24.5
8 6 39 25 250 25.0
8.5 6.5 40 25.5 255 25.5
9 7 40.5 26 260 26.0
9.5 7.5 41 26.5 265 26.5
10 8 42 27 270 27.0
10.5 8.5 42.5 27.5 275 27.5
11 9 43 28 280 28.0
11.5 9.5 44 28.5 285 28.5
12 10 44.5 29 290 29.0
12.5 10.5 45 29.5 295 29.5
13 11 46 30 300 30.0
Nike Women’s Shoe Size Chart (In)

Nike Women's Size Chart

ECCO Shoe Size Chart

ECCO Women's Shoe Size Chart

DAWGS Women’s Shoe Size Chart

DAWGS Women's Size Chart

Callaway Women’s Shoe Size Chart
UK 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8
EU 34 34.5 35 36 36.5 37 38 38.5 39 40 40.5 41
Crocs Women’s Shoe Size Chart
inches mm US EU Asia
8 204 3 32.5 19
1/8 208 3.5 33 19.5
3/8 212 4 33.5 20
1/2 217 4.5 34 20.5
5/8 221 5 34.5 21
7/8 225 5.5 35.5 21.5
9 229 6 36.5 22
1/8 233 6.5 37 22.5
3/8 238 7 37.5 23
1/2 242 7.5 38 23.5
5/8 246 8 38.5 24
7/8 250 8.5 39 24.5
10 255 9 39.5 25
1/8 259 9.5 40 25.5
3/8 263 10 41 26
1/2 267 10.5 42 26.5
5/8 272 11 42.5 27
7/8 276 11.5 43 27.5
11 280 12 45 28


  • I play only in adidas. Fit is a little high on the heel, but I love them. Supportive, comfortable and cute.

  • Foot Joys have never disappointed. Perfect fit, wear comfortably and a great quality shoe. They don’t cost expensive in comparison with other golf shoes.

  • I am golfing and always had trouble with comfortable shoes. I’ve tried many brands. Skechers is the Best!!!

  • Nike is my favourite. I prefer shoes only from this brand. that’s why for golf I chose Lunar. Nike is THE BEST!!!!!!

  • I wear Nike like casual sneakers. Love their simple design and material. They are so comfortable and stylish.

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