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Top 10 Bearpaw Mid-Calf Boots for Women

Brand Bearpaw is known for its quality, comfortable, warm and durable boots that will protect and keep your feet warm and cozy even in the coldest and dampest day. It is very important to find boots that will meet all your needs and Bearpaw has a wide choice to offer you.
We made the selection of different boots for any style, taste, occasion, and purpose. So, if you are interested – read below for more information in our detailed table with all necessary information.

Compare Bearpaw Boots

Photo Price on Amazon Upper Material Sole Material Colors Dimensions Features Our Mark

BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Fashion Boot Thumb

Bearpaw Emma Short Fashion Boot Suede Rubber 12 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 9″ (22.86 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 3/4″ (1.91 cm)
  • Boot opening measures approximately 15.5″ (39.37 cm) around
  • Flexible sole
  • Non-marking outsole

Bearpaw Women's Boshie boot Thumb

Bearpaw Women’s Boshie Suede Synthetic 8 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 9″ (22.86 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″ (1.27 cm)
  • Boot opening measures approximately 16″ (40.64 cm) around
  • Woven back panel with dual adjustable buckle straps and wool-blend lining

Bearpaw Women's Rosie boot Thumb
Bearpaw Rosie Mid Calf Boot Suede Synthetic 11 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ (16.51 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″ (1.27 cm)
  • Boot opening measures approximately 12″ (30.48 cm) around
  • Flexible sole
  • Non-marking outsole

Bearpaw Women Margaery Boot Thumb
Bearpaw Margaery Boot Suede Synthetic 3 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 6″ (15.24 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 1″ (2.54 cm)
  • 6″ (15.24 cm) tall
  • Protected by NeverWet® by Rust-Oleum®
  • Angled sweep detail
  • Trendy fuax leather tab and stud

Bearpaw Brienne Women Round Toe Suede Brown Winter Boot Thumb
Bearpaw Brienne Winter Boot Suede Synthetic 3 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5″ (16.51 cm) from arch
  • Shaft of boot measures approx. 4.5″ (11.43 cm) from arch
  • Lightweight slim tread blown rubber outsole

Bearpaw Women's Nova boot Thumb
Bearpaw Women’s Nova Sheepskin Synthetic 4 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 7″ (17.78 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.5″ (1.27 cm)
  • Boot opening measures approximately 12″ (30.48 cm) around
  • Bearpaw branded D-ring and strap detailing
  • Wool blend lining with sheepskin footbed
  • Classic low profile TPR outsole

Bearpaw Women's Bethany boot Thumb
Bearpaw Women’s Bethany Nylon/PU TPR Rubber 9 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 7″ (17.78 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75″ (1.91 cm)
  • 8″ (20.32 cm) tall
  • Sheepskin footbed
  • Waterproof construction
  • TPR rubber outsole

Bearpaw Women's Nelly boot Thumb
Bearpaw Women’s Nelly Nylon TPR Rubber 4 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 7″ (17.78 cm) from arch
  • Platform measures approximately 0.75″ (1.91 cm)
  • Adjustable bungee
  • Sheepskin footbed

Bearpaw Womens Felicity Boot Thumb
Bearpaw Womens Felicity Boot Faux Leather Lug Sole 2 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 6″ (15.24 cm) from arch
  • Sheepskin footbed
  • Signature Bearpaw metal hardware and medial zipper detail
  • Chunky block heel

Bearpaw Women's Claire bootie Thumb
Bearpaw Women’s Claire Canvas Synthetic 8 colors
  • Shaft measures approximately 2.5″ (6.32 cm) from arch
  • Microsuede lining
  • Stacked heel

Bearpaw Emma Short Fashion Boot

Bearpaw Emma Short Fashion Boot Review

Bearpaw Women’s Boshie

Bearpaw Women's Boshie boot Review

These booties are slightly higher than previous models for those who want to protect their calves from cold winds. They don’t really have any other distinctive features, these boots are simply warm, soft and cozy. The upper is made of suede and inside of the boot has a great wool lining that will firmly embrace your foot. Boshie model also features knitted sweater part with two adjustable buckles. This special construction will work great for women with wide calves, as this bootie can be adjusted to your shape and size. As for disadvantages, some of the customers have complaints about the durability of the construction. Though the majority is very satisfied with their new purchase. Also, we can add that these two models are extremely popular among the customers. Shoes are available in a variety of neutral colors.

Bearpaw Rosie Mid Calf Boot

Bearpaw Rosie Mid Calf Boot Review

Bearpaw Margaery Boot

Bearpaw Margaery Boot Review

Our next two models look pretty similar to the previous ones, but these boots feature button opening that has more decorative function than practical. Both models are wide enough to provide enough space for a thick sock. Also, it is a great advantage for people who have wide feet or bunions. Many customers with this problem gave positive feedback about Rosie Boot. As most of the Bearpaw production, this footwear is made of natural suede with wool lining and sheepskin footbed for comfort, softness, and coziness. They are very warm and soft to the touch, it feels like you are wearing your favorite slippers all day. The sole is sturdy and durable with a good grip. The model Rosie has a great variety of colors, so everyone can choose something that will fit your style.
As before, we recommend ordering these shoe half size bigger.

Bearpaw Brienne Winter Boot

Bearpaw Brienne Winter Boot Review

Bearpaw Women’s Nova

Bearpaw Women's Nova boot Review

Next two models of short ankle boots made of natural suede with adjustable buckle closures. The model Brienne is made of sheepskin while the model Nova includes natural cow skin. Both of the boots feature wool lining and sheepskin footbed for extreme comfort and softness. And the second model has knitted sweater part at the top for this cozy style. These shoes are great for winter, as they will keep your feet warm and dry, no matter what the weather is outside. They will stand out against the snow and rain. These two models have adjustable buckle straps, so you can regulate the fit, which is very convenient because there are no half sizes available. Of course, this is a disadvantage, but don’t jump to the conclusions, because in combination with thick and warm sock these boots will be perfect, just make sure to order a size up.
Simple pull-on construction greatly saves time. This particular shaft is very convenient if you don’t want to struggle with putting jeans or pants inside the boot.
As we have mentioned, the footbed is very soft and warm and provides good support. The traction on the bottoms is pretty decent, so you can feel safe and secure on the slippery surfaces.

Bearpaw Women’s Bethany

Bearpaw Women's Bethany Review

Bearpaw Women’s Nelly

Bearpaw Women's Nelly boot Review

And these Bearpaw boots are made for some serious issues. They won’t let your feet get wet or cold no matter what is happening outside. Shoes have a sturdy and durable construction that will stand our any adventures. The upper part is made of waterproof synthetic material and soles are rubberized to prevent slipping on the wet surfaces. Boots feature sheepskin footbed and wool lining to provide superior comfort. Lace-up construction will help you to achieve secure and snug fit. But the opening of the shoes is a bit narrow, so it will take some time to pull these on, though we think these shoes are worth it. Available colors are pretty neutral and will match any outfit.

Bearpaw Womens Felicity

Bearpaw Womens Felicity boot Review

If you are looking for something cool and stylish, pay your attention to this Bearpaw model with chunky block heel, which is very trendy this season. This wide and stable heel is super comfortable even for those who are not get used to shoes with a heel. The upper part is made of faux leather. Shoes feature decorative buckle and straps at the ankle area. Soft wool lining and padded footbed will keep your feet warm and relaxed. There is also zipper entry for easy on and off.
Though boots have a heel, they are pretty stable due to the non-slip outsoles.
But we should admit that this model is not waterproof, so for the wet and rainy weather you should use the special waterproof spray for these shoes.

Bearpaw Women’s Claire

Bearpaw Women's Claire boot Review

The next model we want to introduce is made of light fabric, so probably this bootie is more appropriate for spring or early autumn. Synthetic soles have decent grip. Also, they are sturdy and flexible at the same time. Shoes are very lightweight and breathable, they will prevent sweating of your feet. Convenient lace-up construction provides a perfect fit. Cushioned insoles are very soft and comfortable for everyday wear. These ankle boots are very versatile and can be paired literally with anything. Available in 8 different colors.

Cleaning and Protection

In order not to get stains or scuffs on your favorite pair of Bearpaws, first of all, you should think about protection.
If boots were not worn before, use special protective waterproof spray. In case shoes were used, clean them before applying the spray.
All products that are made of leather or suede should be treated in a special way, so spray Bearpaw products all over the boot and leave boots drying for 1 day. This spray will help you to avoid oil, salt and dirt stains and also will make your boots resistant to water.
If your boots still got dirty follow next bits of advice:
Soak boots with a wet sponge and then apply a small amount of product on the sponge (not on the boot directly) and rub gently all over the suede or leather. In order to get the best result and not to damage the shoes, use special shampoo or cleaning product that is meant for natural materials. After that, you have to fill the footwear with paper (this helps keep the original shape) and leave the boots in the ventilated room and avoid heat as well as direct sunlight that can damage the leather. Then use a special suede brush and use the waterproof spray for protection. Keep in mind, that all suede boots should be washed by hand and never in the washing machine.
If you want your boot to stay clean and fresh inside, use special freshener and wear boots with socks to avoid unpleasant odor.


Do Bearpaws run true to size?

As many customers have noticed, Bearpaw boots don’t run true to size due to the wool lining. To achieve the perfect fit, order a size up if you are wearing half sizes. If shoes feel loose on your feet, wear them with thick socks.

Are boots waterproof?

Bearpaw boots have some water-resistant features, but they are not completely waterproof. To protect shoes from the water, use special protective spray.

Do Bearpaw stretch?

Yes, boots will stretch after some time of wearing, but they will not lose their original shape if you treat them correctly.


Brand Bearpaw has a good reputation among the customers and we proved that there are actually a lot of things that you can love these shoes for. No matter which model you will choose, you can be sure that this boot will protect you from cold and wet weather and will be your good companions for a long time. Using our tips how to clean and protect your Bearpaw boots properly, you will extend their life.

Buyer’s Guide

What is the Main Idea of Bearpaw Brand?

The Bearpaw brand was created by Tom Romero in 2001. The purpose of its founder was to provide the American consumer with quality goods at the lowest possible price. And he completely succeeded. Brand products are always in demand, despite the presence of competitors in the US and abroad. The brand is already known in thirty countries, and its popularity only increases. Ugg from Bearpaw is warned by fashionable women around the world.
Bearpaw is an American shoe brand, which main products are high-quality and incredibly comfortable boots made from natural sheepskin. This original footwear reliably protects the wearer’s feet not only from dampness and cold but also from overheating, providing optimum thermoregulation and complete comfort in both frost and thaw. The sole made of foamed polymer excludes sliding even in strong ice. Ugg from Bearpaw is focused on active people, spending a lot of time in the air. In shoes of this brand, you can enjoy long walks without experiencing fatigue. The first-class sheepskin and suede used for sewing do not require special care, boots keep the perfect appearance for a long time.

How do Bearpaw Boots Differ from Other Ugg Brands?

  • Ugg Bearpaw is slightly heavier than similar boots of other brands. The thing is that the fur there is not so fluffy and light, but denser and does not crumble when walking;
  • Bearpaw produces not only the already become classic brown or black ugg boots, they have also purple, imagine, and red, olive, blue, pink. In general, choose for every taste and color;
  • Bearpaw produces models for children, so the whole family can wear the same boots;
  • Ugg Bearpaw is of the same size as it is written, not small or larger. But you can always find on the brand’s website a dimensional grid and calculate your size;
  • Many models of fur boots are equipped with additional, let’s say, protection functions. For example, additional membranes that protect against moisture, additional sealed seams, a thicker rubber sole.

Are boots waterproof?

Bearpaw boots have the protection from moisture but they are intended to be worn in the cold weather. Using special sprays you can provide an additional protection to your boots. But in any case it is better to avoid wearing them when it is raining, otherwise, you risk to slightly damage the leather or suede, especially if you didn’t use a spray.

Do Bearpaw stretch?

There is no need to worry that after wearing your Bearpaw boots for a season they will become larger so that you won’t be able to wear them anymore. There is no problem to get the right Bearpaw size as they always correspond. That’s why don’t buy the pair of boots, which seem to be little as they won’t stretch that much. Yes, boots will stretch after some time of wearing, but they will not lose their original shape if you treat them correctly. This stretching will be less than one size. If to be more exact, they will have the shape of your feet so that you will feel completely comfortable wearing them.

Bearpaw Women’s Shoe Size Chart

US Euro UK JP KR Inches CM
5 36 3 22 220 8.50″ 21.6
6 37 4 23 230 8.88″ 22.5
6.5 37.5 4.5 23.5 235 9.06″ 23
7 38 5 24 240 9.25″ 23.5
7.5 38.5 5.5 24.5 245 9.38″ 23.8
8 39 6 25 250 9.50″ 24.1
8.5 39.5 6.5 25.5 255 9.69″ 24.6
9 40 7 26 260 9.88″ 25.1
9.5 40.5 7.5 26.5 265 10.00″ 25.4
10 41 8 27 270 10.19″ 25.9
10.5 41.5 8.5 27.5 275 10.31″ 26.2
11 42 9 28 280 10.50″ 26.7
12 43 10 29 290 10.88″ 27.6

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