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Bearpaw vs. Uggs – Which Is Right For You?

Bearpaw and Ugg are famous brands that mostly produce warm boots for cold weather. They are known for the quality of the production, durability, and comfort. The assortment of both brands is pretty similar, but today we will define the main differences and will help you decide whether to spend money on Uggs or save them buying a pair of shoes from Bearpaw.


bearpaw official logo
This company was founded in 2001 by Tom Romeo and quickly gained the recognition of the customer’s thanks to the affordable prices and good quality of the footwear. Their assortment is very wide – brand offers different shoes for various occasions, weather or season. Slip-ons, slippers, boots with a high heel, motorcycle boots, riders, moccasins, sandals and much more can be found among Bearpaw production. Mostly this brand uses natural cow or ship leather with wool lining and sheepskin footbed. But faux leather, fabric and other materials can be used as well. Soles can be rubber or synthetic with a good grip. The color palette includes different colors like neutral tan and colorful shades. Bearpaw shoes are quite durable, though not as great as Uggs, but we will talk about this later. Check Top 10 Bearpaw Booties


UGG official logo
Ugg brand was founded in Australia a long time ago in 1978 and since then its production stays on the market and still popular among customers all over the world.
The price of the boots is higher, but it is compensated with better quality and durability. In general Ugg footwear will last for 2-2.5 years of regular wear. Choice of the shoes here is also wide: slip-ons, slippers, motorcycle boots, moccasins, rain boots, oxfords, snow boots and heeled shoes. The classic Uggs are made of ship leather with wool or fur lining, but they can also feature other natural materials. For soles, the brand uses rubberized foam that is super soft and flexible. Presented colors are similar to the ones you can find among Bearpaw footwear. In general, Uggs are very warm, soft, lightweight and cozy. Check Top 10 UGG Boots



The first big and important difference between Ugg and Bearpaw shoes is the price. The average price for Bearpaw is $70 up to $180, while for the pair of Uggs you can pay from $120 up to $200. This price depends on shoe’s style, used material, and applied technologies.


Though both of the brands produce quality and durable footwear, Ugg is leading in this category, because in average their shoes will last longer than Bearpaw. If you choose Ugg production you can be sure that they will last more than 2 years of regular wear.

Style and Look

The style of both brands is pretty similar, and at the first sight, it is difficult to see if it is Bearpaw boots or Ugg boots. Available colors also look the same. Bearpaw has visible stitching while Ugg features smooth stitching. Most of the customers claim that Bearpaws hold their shape better than Uggs because they tend to lose its shape after some time of wearing.


Bearpaw and Ugg use wool or fur lining in combination with sheepskin footbed to provide extreme comfort and coziness. Both of the brand makes very warm and waterproof footwear that will stand out different temperatures, weather, and adventures. But Uggs have a more lightweight construction in comparison with Bearpaw shoes.

Customer’s Opinion

Customers admit affordable and nice prices of Bearpaw production, while they prefer durability and quality of Uggs.
Bearpaw shoes tend to be heavier and sturdier than Uggs. Though Uggs are more comfortable due to the extra layer of fleece inside.

Brand Comparison Table

Brand Bearpaw Ugg
Price 10 6
Style and look 10 10
Comfort 10 10
Durability 8 8
Customer’s review 8 10

Table with Models

BEARPAW Women’s Emma Short Fashion Boot UGG Women’s Classic Short Sheepskin Boots
BEARPAW Women's Emma Short Fashion Boot UGG Women's Classic Short Sheepskin Boots
Bearpaw Amber Women Round Toe Canvas Brown Ankle Boot UGG Women’s Reid Winter Boot
Bearpaw Amber Women Round Toe Canvas Brown Ankle Boot UGG Women's Reid Winter Boot
Bearpaw Women’s Peggy Rubber Rain Boot UGG Women’s Sienna Rain Boot
Bearpaw Women's Peggy Rubber Rain Boot UGG Women's Sienna Rain Boot
BEARPAW Women’s Heather Slip-On Loafer UGG Women’s Delfina Slipper
BEARPAW Women's Heather Slip-On Loafer UGG Women's Delfina Slipper
BEARPAW Women’s Ashlynn Regular Suede Casual Shoe/Slipper Moccasins UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin
BEARPAW Women's Ashlynn Regular Suede Casual Moccasin UGG Women's Ansley Moccasin
Bearpaw Women’s Loki UGG Women’s Scuffette II Slipper
Bearpaw Women's Loki UGG Women's Scuffette II Slipper

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  • I already own quite a few pairs of UGG boots but my aunt gave me a pair of bearpaw’s so I’m gone find out if spending the extra money all this time was worth it

  • I got a pair of Bearpaw Boo boots and I love them. I normally wear an 8.5 or 9 and I ordered a size 9 in the Bearpaw Boo boot and it fits me great but I always wear thick socks with all my boots.. Sooo if you wear thick socks in the winter I would suggest you order your regular size.

  • Everyone around me wears uggs. I’d say 90% of their boots look stained and missed shaped as if they had been stumping through a swamp with indoor house slippers on. As I disagreed with the statement of them being less durable since my bearpaws still look great after a ton of wear and tear over the course of 8 years. While owning 7 pairs of shoes from them and just ordering 3 more styles soon to come I have not had to throw one pair out since I’ve became a costumer with them.

  • I just took out my Bearpaw boots for the first time this year because of a snowstorm. I dropped them on the floor and it sounded like a lead weight had dropped. I noticed a few pieces of the sole broke off. The material is as hard as brick and very slippery when I put them on. They sounded like tap shoes when I walked to the door.
    I’ve had Uggs for years and never have had a problem like this. I was extremely careful when I went out to shovel the deck aware that I could slip and NO ONE would find me. They’re going in the trash but I felt I had to write something about this, somewhere. I didn’t use them much so the rest of the boot looks relatively new. Has anyone else had this problem and is it fixable?

  • I love the Uggs most but noticed using lyocell mix in newer boots. The bearpaw’s insoles wear down much faster and wool’s fluff is gone much more fast than older uggs. The uggs look worn on outside faster but the insole, inner lining’s superior wear and durability are worth the price. I always purchase from Uggs Closet (open now) and usually get free shipping code and certificates $20-$40 off from previous years purchase. Kids deals are great!

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